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Posted 08/31/2016

What Does “Fall Is Fast Approaching” Mean to Your Business?

Fall means a change in the weather, football, and s’mores. For manufacturers, it also means that the jobs held by youth for the summer can become vacant. It means new staff and more training costs. Moreover, for businesses that begin their busy season, it can mean a reliance on - and sometimes a challenge to find - skilled people to help meet upcoming, increased holiday production goals. As a manufacturer, whether you hire a handful or thousands of seasonal workers, as you gear up for hiring, these three tips may make the process smoother. First, think same time next year. Contact those seasonal employees who previously assisted you. Some people want only seasonal work and are open to assisting annually. But don’t make the mistake of assuming that’s the case. Situations can change, and those “already trained” contingents may desire to come aboard permanently. Second, hire for capabilities and soft skill. People will need to be flexible and fill in. As a group, seasonal workers tend to fall through the formal training net, especially if the training is in-depth, but some training is necessary to make sure workers can give their best. So, the more adaptable, amenable and process-oriented the seasonal staff, the better. In fact, it is advisable to contract out any function that is not directly related to the production of the company’s core products or services. Third, increase your advantage by connecting with a staffing agency. Choose one that:
  • Specializes in precision manufacturing.
  • Provides prompt access to a quality seasonal talent pool.
  • Utilizes up-to-date technology to prescreened and match applicants to each client’s specific needs.
  At MPS Technical, we provide a cost-effective way to tap into a great resource – we stake our reputation on placing the best talent at every level as needed whether seasonal, temporary or direct hire. Contact MPS Technical to discuss your needs today. We have an office convenient to you where our staff is ready to listen to you and answer your questions.