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Employment as an Accountant

Accountants ensure that companies or organizations are efficiently operating. They do this by accessing financial records of their clients. Duties include analyzing data, finance reports, budgets, tax returns, and accounting records.


Accountants typically have these skills:

  • A degree in Accounting or equivalent work experience
  • Accounting experience in Payables and General Ledger
  • Knowledge of computerized accounting systems and other Microsoft Office applications
  • Advanced skills in Excel & Microsoft Office applications
  • Ability to work with detail
  • Good organizational skills and excellent communication skills

Other Accountant duties may include:

  • Examine statements to ensure accuracy
  • Ensure that statements and records comply with laws and regulations
  • Compute taxes owed, prepare tax returns, ensure prompt payment
  • Inspect account books and accounting systems to keep up to date
  • Organize and maintain financial records
  • Improve businesses efficiency where money is concerned
  • Make best-practices recommendations to management
  • Suggest ways to reduce costs, enhance revenues and improve profits
  • Provide auditing services for businesses and individuals

Accountants in the Twin Cities can make $20-$50 an hour.

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