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A staffing award

We find talent. Talent that fits. Any algorithm can match people to a job. But software can’t take into account an employee’s dreams, their dedication and the care each member of a team must bring with them.

You can’t win without seeing the finish line. So we don’t shy away from result. Whether you measure the quality of placements, reduced turnover, number of placements, or reduced lead times, our best measure of success is your success.

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The Moffat Workforce experience

We're more than a staffing agency. We bring talent that will fit your company's personality.
  • Custom staffing solutions
  • On-site relationship management
  • Culture-based human resource services
  • Selective assessment processes
  • Relentless focus on results

The Moffat Workforce benefits

Whether you measure number of placements, repeats, or speed to fill, our best measure of success is longstanding relationships.
  • Lower turnover
  • Faster onboarding
  • Increased productivity
  • Stronger workplace culture
  • Easier scalability

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