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Posted 01/23/2023

Introducing: Direct Hire Search Division

Moffat Workforce is pleased to announce, the addition of our Direct Hire Search Division in 2023! This new division will allow us to focus on higher caliber candidates and higher level roles, for our customers!

Our Direct Hire Search Team will be devoting 100% of their time to Direct Hire Recruitment, to ensure we are bringing in the best candidates that this market has to offer.

This division will provide recruitment support on roles such as Engineering, Technician, Supervisor/Lead, Warehouse, HR, Accounting, Accounts Payable/Receivable, Sales, Customer Service, Administrative, Buyers, Planners, Purchasing, and other Professional roles.

All we need is a quick call and job descriptions of any roles you need Direct Hire recruitment support on, and we are ready to go!


Let’s get going!

Call 651-253-2865 or send me an email.