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Posted 08/03/2017

Traits that Hamper Hiring Potential – Part II

“One of the most important steps you can take toward achieving your greatest potential in business is to learn to monitor your attitude and its impact on your work performance, relationships and everyone around you,” says Alex Pirouz. It’s true. Attitude plays a huge role in a person’s overall life, so naturally, it will have a major impact on all things related to job performance. A fact every boss and HR manager have stenciled on a plaque somewhere. So, what particular attitude concerns are those making the hiring decisions watching for? Apathy/Lack of Enthusiasm Maybe you approach life with a ho-hum attitude that finds you shrugging in take-it-or-leave-it mode about this or any job. You call it a “roll with the punches” approach. But if you can’t muster enough enthusiasm to be genuinely interested in a potential position at XYZ, Inc., then don’t expect XYZ management to be eager to hire you. When connecting with a potential employer, a lackadaisical attitude can send only one message to the hiring team: this is the level of enthusiasm we should expect if we hire Mr. A. That realization will send your resume sailing through the air toward the waste basket. A lack of enthusiasm does not appear on any list of employee attributes. Too Laid Back
  • Project deadlines? Yeah, those are just suggestions, right?
  • Company dress code? Merely guidelines to follow, if we want to, sure thing.
  • Hey, don’t sweat it! I’m not.
Being too laid back suggests you don’t take the work seriously enough, that it’s not that important to you. That the company, as well as its purpose and values, are not significant. Knowing someone would always have to be prodding you and checking up on you will stamp a firm NO on your application. If this is you, be prepared to be unemployed for the long haul. General Stinky Attitude You’re seething because the parking meter stole one of your five quarters! You stalk to the lobby restroom only to be further disgruntled when the water at the sink took too long to get hot. And you detest the way that foamy soap stuff smells. In the lobby, you collapse into the most uncomfortable chair you’ve ever endured and look down to discover the ugliest carpet you’ve ever laid eyes on covers the floor. Probably every floor in this unattractive place . . . And why is that receptionist staring a hole through me? An overall crummy outlook on life can’t help but spill over into a person’s work life. Oh, you may think you turn it on and off at will, but it’s doubtful your ability to camouflage a cup-half-empty attitude is successful. Expect a short interview and don’t hold your breath for a second interview invitation. Attitude matters. Take stock of yours and work to improve it. At MPS Technical, we’re always seeking highly motivated, conscientious candidates interested in the precision manufacturing sector. We will assess your total package and how that fits our clients so we can place you in the best position. Contact our team today.