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Posted 04/23/2014

Tips for Working with a Staffing Agency

Amy Rastetter (2) By Amy Rastetter, MPS Technical, Client Services Manger If you’re currently seeking a new job, whether employed or not, a staffing agency can truly be an asset to your job search!   While the staffing industry can have a negative reputation, there truly are amazing recruiters and staffing agencies, such as MPS Technical, that want to do their absolute best to help you.     First and foremost, take the time to get to know the staffing company. At MPS, our goal is to create an experience that ends with happy job seekers and happy employers. As a job seeker, here are key points to consider prior to working with a staffing agency:
  • Do your research:  most staffing firms have websites that can give you an idea of their employment specialties.  No two firms are the same, so it’s worth digging deep to find the right fit for you!
  • Referrals:  Do you know anyone that has had a successful experience working with an agency?  Reach out to your professional network for recommendations and referrals.
  • Focus on the staffing agency that specializes within the industry you are seeking (or already working in). More than likely they work directly with companies that would be of interest to you and may be your fastest link to getting in front of the hiring manager.
  • If you receive a “cold call” from a recruiter about an opportunity, it’s worth a listen.  Recruiters have a pulse on the job market and may be calling with your next big break – you don’t know unless you give us a chance to discuss it with you.
  • Your resume and presentation (even to a recruiter) is important! In order for us to sell you to the employer, you need to sell yourself.
  • Be prepared to take some time to go through the process.  A good recruiter will want to get to know you well and understand not only what’s important to you in your next position, but what you are interested in - company culture, benefits, and long term goals.   We need a complete picture in order to do the best job possible for you.
  • Be honest and communicate with the recruiter. If at any time the process is not going in the direction you want or you’re not sold on an employer after interviewing – speak up.  While that particular position might not be the right role for you, odds are there could be something in the future.  It is best to handle all communications with honesty and in a timely fashion – be sure not to burn any bridges.
  • Recruiters have a responsibility to the employers to send qualified job seekers their way.  If a recruiter is discussing a position with you and, ultimately, communicates that he or she cannot represent you for that opportunity – don’t take it personally.  Employers have specific requirements that we must follow.  An opportunity that is a better fit may be just around the corner!
  • When it comes to interviewing – recruiters know the employer.  Let them help you frame how you prepare for your interview. Listen to the advice they provide on the managers you will be meeting.  We know our employers very well and can often provide insight you would not normally receive if going through the process on your own.
This is a mutually beneficial process between you, the staffing agency and recruiter, and the employer.  We can make your job search much easier. At the end of the day, you should know that we are ultimately helping job seekers become employed and take that next exciting step in their career. __________________________________________________ Amy began working with MPS Technical in 2006 following a two year stint of working with the Minnesota Senate.  During her tenure at MPS, she’s served in multiple roles including outside sales, recruitment, senior account management, and her current role which she’s been in for 3 years. Amy has built successful on site programs and recently has helped launch multiple Vendor Management Systems with some of the top manufacturers in the Twin Cities.