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Posted 11/14/2017

The Hallmarks of an Ethical Workplace

Name a business who doesn’t give a flying leap about ethical practices and a crystal ball will not be necessary to predict if that particular company will be around in a couple of years. There’s no disputing that ethics matter to the consumer. A reputation as an ethical business, in this age of the internet -savvy, reviews-driven, take-my-complaints-to-social-media consumer, has to be a priority. It’s an absolute must for newbie as well as veteran businesses. No one gets a pass. The importance a company places on ethics will be apparent to all by the set of standards a company practices on a day-to-day basis. A lack of standards or wishy-washy adherence to established protocol are both sure signs that ethics aren’t a top priority. Sure, every company is in business to make money, but financial gain should not trump ethics.  An ethical-minded business is ever conscious of the fine line between seeking financial gain and making decisions that push ethical standards or will hurt others. Consider these “building block” strategies for establishing a stable, ethical structure:
  • The foundation is set at the top, not the bottom
“The culture of an ethical business is defined starting from the very top of the organizational chart. The true test of this leadership is in the decision-making process when there is a choice between what is ethically responsible and what will result in profit or gain,” advises Cindy Phillips. Leaders must make the ethical choice every time, in every situation. No making exceptions or cutting corners. No turning a blind eye “just this once” or making excuses. Doing the right thing means doing the right thing consistently. When those at the top of the ladder model consistent ethical behavior, it trickles down to all areas and employees.
  • Mutual respect shores up the middle
Ethics and respect go together like bread and butter. Like pen and paper. Like the sky and clouds. You get the idea. When respect for employees, for vendors, for clients, for suppliers, for the community, for the environment—for all impacted by a company’s business practices—is demonstrated, the respect will be returned. “A true leader and smart business owner recognizes his employees’ contribution to the success of the business. He values their opinion, treats them with respect, and makes sure that their efforts are recognized and rewarded,” notes Charmaine Belonio. The same holds true for the other business-related relationships. Demonstrated respect invites respect in return and paves the way for smooth, productive, and profitable relationships.
  • Core values cement the organization
A unique, “owned” set of core values crafted exclusively for the business will create a sense of direction and pride. Such principles can effectively chart a course toward a successful and ethical business standard that will establish a solid reputation “in-house” as well as amongst colleagues and the consumer. Include a mission statement that is visible and oft-repeated so that it can provide momentum. And of course, these core values and this mission statement must be lived out, every day, month by month, year after year. Make them come alive and be more than words on a sheet of paper, framed and hung over the copier.
  • An attitude of concern rests on top
When a company cares, everyone knows it. When concern for anyone impacted by the business is a driving principle, it shows. When giving back is a normal, regular part of a company’s agenda, everyone who deals with them, on either side of the aisle, feels that exceptional level of interest. Does it take effort and commitment to be known for your ethical standards? You bet it does. But the payoff is worth it. For everyone involved At MPS Technical we adhere to the highest level of ethical standards. We care about our candidates. We care about our clients. And everything we do demonstrates that. Contact our team to see how our staffing services can positively impact you.