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Posted 04/28/2016

The Battle for Temporary Help

Can’t find temporary or temp-to-hire candidates? It may be obvious why skilled candidates most often receive the offers for direct-hire positions. What employer wouldn’t want to hire someone skilled rather than unskilled? Sometimes, however, you just need a candidate to perform work on a temporary basis. Or, maybe you want to “try” before you hire to make sure of fit and ability. Just because it is an employees’ market, it doesn’t mean you have a plethora of candidates available for temporary positions even though you may need to fill those jobs immediately. So, what do you do? Use the temporary job as a hiring tool. Here are four ideas to help reframe your thinking and engage temporary workers for your precision manufacturing firm. Change your advertising approach. Engage potential candidates with the most exciting job ad you can create. Don’t just list the facts (yawn). Think about the kind of talent you want working for you and post an ad that represents your brand, culture, and organization. Share those ideas with your staffing firm so they can include them when posting your position. No need for balloons, but walk in those worker’s shoes so you can write an ad that bounds with enthusiasm and vigor. As a staffing firm, MPS Technical suggests including the points that draw people to your company. For example, if as a precision manufacturing firm you offer a “lunch and learn” program, list some topics and say you invite temporary employees to attend. Try a little mentoring. Temporary employees frequently turn down temp work because they might feel like a “fifth wheel.” How do you change that mindset and help them to feel welcomed? Engage a reputable staffing company, like MPS Technical, to play an active role in the onboarding process and keep things running smoothly. A reputable staffing firm will only send you qualified applicants, who have training and experience. But don’t expect the staffing firm to carry the whole basket of responsibility. For example, actively partner with the staffing firm by associating new hires with a mentor. Having a go-to person who is easily available automatically causes the tension to ease. In addition to helping a temp worker feel part of the team, a mentor also helps to get employees up to speed quickly. Moreover, be sure to inform your staffing agency about your mentoring program as they will highlight this valuable plus when engaging quality temporary workers. Hold post-work workshops. When you help someone, you automatically build a sense of loyalty. At MPS Technical, we provide help with resumes, interviewing, etc. As a precision manufacturing company, why not hold after-hours skills workshops for temporary employees and take note of the buy-in for your firm. Don’t discount special needs or mildly disabled candidates. For instance, a worker in a wheelchair may have a sharp mind and the ability to assemble parts. There are many differently abled individuals who would appreciate the opportunity to contribute and use their specialized skill sets. Feeling valued and valuable is a human need, and one they know to appreciate. During an employees’ market, it is mandatory to think outside the box when it comes to hiring temporary workers. Not everyone wants a full-time position; so, when you find a contingent worker who shines, you found a keeper for your talent pool. MPS Technical specializes in providing talented, qualified employees to precision manufacturing firms, including temporary and temp-to-perm candidates. We’re here to listen and consider your specific needs. We understand – our backyard is your backyard.  Let’s talk today.