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Posted 04/20/2017

Safety in the Workplace

Each year an average of 3 million people face a work related injury.  Costly to both the employee and the employer, these injuries remind us of the never ending need for attention to safety in the workplace. These “safety first” strategies can help you maintain a safe working environment. Require breaks One of the best ways to reduce the incidents of accidents and injury is to require employees to take regular breaks. Being physically or mentally fatigued or being overwhelmed with the task(s) at hand, sets the stage for injuries to occur. Taking regular breaks not only increases alertness and concentration but boosts productivity levels as well. Implement a break schedule that’s non-negotiable and monitor to ensure compliance. Help workaholic Wally and go-til-she-drops Daphne understand that while you appreciate their dedication to the company, your first priority is their safety. Assure them they will be much more valuable on the job if they remain injury-free. Establish training While common sense can go a long way toward ensuring a safe working environment, it’s not enough. The hazards and risks faced daily on the job are more complex than those encountered running errands or doing chores around the house. That’s why these specific work-related tasks require specific safety-related procedures and training. The worst approach? A “figure it out as you go and you’ll be fine” methodology. From an employer’s perspective, training can be costly. From an employee’s view, a waste of time. Yes, there will most likely be cost involved and time will need to be set aside, but both are necessary components of the end result that everyone wants. A safe work environment. Taking safety precautions and adhering to OSHA compliance laws may come with upfront costs, but this follow-through will save you money and, potentially, lives down the road. Think about the costs associated with work-related injuries and illness - sick pay, medical bills, fines, legal costs, and repairs. The possibilities are frightening. Suddenly, cutting corners to save a few bucks has no appeal. Play it safe - and smart - with a detailed safety strategy. Encourage the reporting of unsafe conditions When “safety first” is truly a priority, folks look out for one another. Everyone has an ear and an eye tuned to safety hazards. No one hesitates to report an injury or bring a potentially dangerous situation to the attention of supervisors. That’s the way it should be. That’s what it takes to create a “culture of safety.” When you get everyone behind the “safety first” mantra, a culture of safety will thrive. When the commitment to a hazard-free workplace filters from the top through every level of the company, everyone reaps the benefits. Let MPS Technical be your one-stop resource for safety-minded employees. We understand how important it is to build a safety-first culture in your company. Allow our staffing specialists to direct your way the employees who will best meet your hiring needs. Contact us today.