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Posted 07/23/2014

Recruiting Tips from the Marketing Department

When you think about “marketing” you might first think about “branding”, but there are three other elements important to marketers that also apply to recruiting candidates. Kevin Wheeler for HR resource site ERE.net points out that recruiters like marketers cannot lose sight of:
  • Design
  • Data
  • Engagement
First design, Mr. Wheeler suggests “one of the ways [to add value] is to enable potential candidates and people in the organization to share information, talk about the brand, about daily life, and about the good and not so good sides of working there.” The design of websites, social media and communications plays an important role to enable candidates to have a two-way, interactive conversation with your company. Data. If you are just collecting data but not using it, now is the time to evaluate how that data can be used to add value to your recruiting strategy. Just as marketers use data to deliver the best offers and promotions to customers, recruiters can use data to bring in more qualified candidates. Use data to hone in on successful recruiting channels, determine what qualities the best candidates have in order to look for others like them or analyze communications or social media content to understand what drives interactions, what types of interactions and why. By asking questions like these, you will start to see how your recruiting strategy can be adjusted to further funnel good candidates to your company. Just like with marketing, posting a job, publishing an ad and developing a brand is not enough. If your recruiting strategy is very “one-directional” then success will be more difficult. Recruiters need to engage with their target audience. Build relationships and create “multi- directional” communication lines suggests Mr. Wheeler. Think of ways to involve a cross-section of employees and content or features or programs that keep potential candidates involved – even when they are not applying. Building a company brand and communicating your company culture are very important in recruiting success, but don’t forget that thinking through design, data and especially engagement will provide you a more well-rounded recruiting strategy. [caption id="attachment_640" align="aligncenter" width="199"]Attract Top Talent Source: TLNT.com[/caption]