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Posted 06/16/2016

MPS Technical Clarifies Onboarding – Training Process for Clients

1. What exactly is an onboarding and training process? MPS.  Onboarding and training are defined as a strategic orientation and training process that seamlessly brings a new hire to his or her A-game as quickly as possible. It should include the following:
  • Learning the organization and its goals
  • Fitting in with the company culture
  • Clarification of roles and performance expectations
  • Introduction of policies and procedures
  • On-job system or task training
Onboarding can include additional objectives such as classroom training, e-learning or simulations. Some manufacturing firms also offer mentoring. 2. Many manufacturers consider this process mission critical. Why is it so important? MPS. It can be the jumping off point at the end of a long recruitment journey. Aside from the obvious productivity boon, it also provides a higher level of employee engagement, improved retention and application of job skills and training, as well as more effective communication. As a result, new employees feel empowered and motivated to do their best in the early stages of their employment.Furthermore, the onboarding and training process is accomplished “in context.” It is not so much about learning new skills but transferring core expertise. In this application, learning is more consistent, and the learning curve achieved more quickly. Moreover, it helps strengthen employee participation which is designed to foster loyalty within a highly competitive talent base. With attrition rates estimated at 12-15 percent, reducing employee turnover and related costs is critical.3 3. Should the onboarding and training process include the use of specific tools or proprietary knowledge? MPS.  Yes. Regardless of the role, new hires in manufacturing need to be educated about the tools and resources available as well as the environmental factors related to the job. The employee needs to have a respectable understanding how his or her job fits into the big picture. 4. As a staffing firm, how does MPS Technical help with the onboarding and training process? MPS.  MPS Technical has more than 20 years providing qualified talent to the precision manufacturing industry in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The best reference is to tell you about our success rate to date.
  • 90% of our candidates give MPS credit for “getting them well-prepared for their first day. • 99% of temp placements are positive about their assignments, appreciating that we “identified a job that was a great fit.” • 99% of our converted placements are still on the job one year later and, on the average, our contract-to-hire placements become full-time employees within three months.
  Don’t waste another minute. Contact MPS today and let us help you fill your open positions with the right talent?