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Posted 06/04/2014

Making a Career Choice: Choose Minnesota Manufacturing

Here at MPS Technical we are well aware of the great career opportunities precision manufacturing and medtech firms in the Twin Cities offer. Whether you are an engineer, operations manager, machinist, assembler or in customer service, a seasoned professional or just out of college, the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota manufacturing industry delivers a variety of exciting and rewarding careers. Today, we have gathered recent state-wide industry news to help you see the possibilities as well! First up, readers of medical device industry publication Qmed voted Minneapolis/St. Paul into 2nd place for “Top U.S. City for MedTech Innovation”. From the article, “The Twin Cities have long been a leader in life sciences, going back to the days in the late 1950s when Medtronic founder Earl Bakken tinkered with pacemaker technology. Besides Medtronic, St. Jude Medical has its headquarters in the metro, and both Boston Scientific and Covidien have sizable presences. 3M Co. is also a major medical device player. When it comes to sheer number of employees, Minneapolis and St. Paul are unmatched outside of California. The metro arguably has the highest concentration of medical device talent in the nation.” In addition to these large nationally known firms the Twin Cities is also home to many small and medium-sized medtech manufacturers producing life-changing products in innovative environments. If you are a recent college graduate or close to finishing, good news, the Twin Cities Business Magazine reported that Minneapolis and St. Paul ranked well on a recent study of the best metros for starting a career. The study scored the 150 largest U.S. cities. Minneapolis came in 5th place and St. Paul ranked at 12th. The State of Manufacturing study by Enterprise Minnesota also found that 29% of manufacturers have a recruiting relationship with one or more vocational, technical, or community colleges or universities. Minnesota manufacturing is optimistic reports the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal. 84% of those surveyed by Enterprise Minnesota feel that way which is the highest degree of optimism recorded since 2009. 62% of manufacturers also expect wages to increase over the next two years. So what are you waiting for! Check out our job postings today and get started with your career in manufacturing. [caption id="attachment_630" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Source: qmed.com Source: qmed.com[/caption]