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Posted 07/16/2014

Interview Tips: Power Poses

During a job interview, we are very familiar with the positive and negative effects our body language can have on how others perceive our abilities. But, did you know that your body language can affect the way you see yourself and impact how you perform in an interview? Professor Amy Cuddy of Harvard Business School has found that your body language shapes your self-confidence and in turn can impact how you perform during a job interview. Professor Cuddy explained in a Business Insider article, “Certain power poses don’t just change how others perceive you. They immediately change your body chemistry. And these changes affect the way you do your job and interact with other people.” She has developed the idea of “power posing.” Her research has found that certain body postures and poses have positive and negative effects on our body chemistry – impacting our confidence in ourselves. For example, standing with your hands in your pocket, on your face or neck, dubbed “low power poses”, can change your body’s chemistry giving you less confidence in stressful situations, such as a job interview. Viewing yourself in a “high power pose” on the other hand changes your body chemistry in a positive way – granting you more confidence to cope well when stressed. Below are the poses from her TED talk: AmyCuddyPowerPoses1   AmyCuddyPowerPoses2 While we don’t recommend putting your arms up strongly in a “v” during a job interview, taking time prior to the interview to hold your arms up proud, according to Professor Cuddy, could work wonders on your perception of yourself which will directly impact your interview success!