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Posted 05/05/2016

How to Step from Temp-to-Perm in a Timely Manner

Nearly 3 million people are currently employed in temporary jobs and that number, according to the American Staffing Association, is expected to rise more than 15% over the next three years. It has also been reported that two in five employers expect to hire temporary workers this year. Temporary jobs were once considered stepping stones to permanent work, but even in today’s employees’ market, it is a great solution to audition opportunities and advance one’s experience and learning. However, what if you are already employed in a fabulous temporary job and would like to be hired permanently? What steps might you take to go from temp to perm in the shortest time possible? Answer these 7 questions to learn how you can land that permanent position.  Can you be a superstar? Superstars are consistent performers who project enthusiasm, energy, and a positive attitude. They frequently smile and are genuinely affable and engaging. Do you have great soft skills? Soft skills bump you up a notch in the eyes of an employer. Always be punctual, display a professional appearance and demonstrate initiative. Would you go above and beyond? If your workload is light, would you volunteer for other assignments or to help a team member? Would you show that no task is beneath you? If no one offers to work on a new project, would you? Employers like when employees are sincerely interested in their jobs. Are you fully present and an active listener? Employers want employees who pay attention and learn to listen “between the lines.” In a sense, they want employees who will ask smart questions and be willing to follow up on directives. Keep an open mind and open ears. Observe how people relate to each other. Listen for talk about possible vacancies as you identify the organization’s needs and consider how you can fill them. Do you make an effort to understand the big picture as well as the inner workings of the organization? Show your interest and enthusiasm as you take pains to understand the organization. The more you know about the employer, the better positioned you’ll be to leverage your temporary job into a permanent one. Do you suggest ideas? Good employees bring ideas to the table. Without pushing too hard, can you suggest some ways that might help your employer? Better yet, make sure a team member gets credit for an idea and you’ll earn trust as well as credibility. Do you take the time to build relationships? Be genuine and friendly with all levels of employees. Authenticity is important - a phony is as easy to spot as a red flag. Sure it is okay to network, but do it by considering others, not trouncing them. Don’t worry if your temporary assignment ends and you don’t receive an offer for a permanent job. Instead, ask for a reference and referrals and stay on good terms with the employer. It is even good to send a thank-you note to your former boss as that person will now be a valuable part of your network. Connecting talented and qualified employees with positions in the precision manufacturing industry is what MPS Technical does. Our applicants often start in temporary positions, but because of their skills and attitudes, their temp position becomes permanent. We’re here to listen to your goals and assist you in finding your best-fit place in the precision manufacturing industry.  Contact MPS online or give us a call today. We have an office near you.