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Posted 02/25/2016

How to Attract and Retain Top Manufacturing Talent: Part II

5 Talent-Sourcing Ideas In Part I, we provided seven start-early ideas for manufacturing workforce solutions. Part II continues the drive for talent with five talent-sourcing ideas. 1. Does your state celebrate “Manufacturing Month”? If your state sponsors a celebration for the manufacturing industry, then hold an open house. Much like a community day, this is the time to showcase your company. Campaign for building a workforce: discuss training, highlight products, and demonstrate specializations. This activity is about the value you can bring to others which, in turn, draws talent to you.  2. Make onboarding an inviting process. New employees can be fraught with all kinds of fears. According to your firm’s culture, helping them feel welcome can take a few days or weeks. Wisdom suggests a mentor, keeping communication lines open, and checking in with the new employee as often as you discern best. 3. Be proactive with managing talent Once you have well-qualified employees, treat them as though you want them to stay. Encouraging a positive company culture helps. Offer smart incentives, flexibility policies, and sufficient training and development to secure their future. 4. Be proactive in problem-solving Be aware of signs that indicate an unhappy employee. He/she may not want to leave, but assume that it’s his/her only choice. The reason for his/her feelings could be at least partly, if not entirely, unrelated to the job. Before the attitude affects the work, have a conversation and discuss the issues and potential solutions. Solving problems positively not only builds gratitude and loyalty among your staff, but it is also cost-effective. 5. Update hiring and recruiting practices. Like a sports scout, consider hiring a specialized talent recruiting firm. Their staff will work in partnership with folks inside your organization, providing a range of methods for digging for gems. When the gems reach your door, impress them with why your organization is the best place to work. Consult with MPS Technical about our resources to help you find qualified employees. MPS specializes in providing talented employees to precision manufacturing companies. We also help you with a seamless onboarding process. We’re here to listen and consider your specific needs. We understand – our backyard is your backyard.  Let’s talk today.