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Posted 07/28/2016

Growing a Career in Manufacturing: Moving Forward

Part Two, Moving Forward (Read Part I – Developing a Professional Resume here.) So you have reached your short-term goals with your position in manufacturing. You feel you are ready for more, but how do you move forward? Here are 21 strategies that can work for anyone. A combination of them will provide your best footing for your next career step.
  1. Always do your best at whatever you do.
  2. Take less desirable assignments.
  3. Get exposure to various departments and jobs, especially ones on your path.
  4. Make a lateral move it if gives exposure and builds relationships.
  5. Develop mentoring relationships.
  6. Practice self-promotion; don’t be obnoxious but do keep a list of your successes.
  7. Establish a bond with your boss; be loyal and dependable.
  8. Build your network with peers and higher. Let your name and professionalism be known.
  9. Ask for more responsibility and accomplish it even when challenging.
  10. Acquire new knowledge and skills to help you now and later.
  11. Be professional and mind your manners with everyone.
  12. Always be a team player.
  13. Create your opportunities (see a niche and propose to fill it).
  14. Give credit to others as often as you are able.
  15. Keep others in the loop as you would like to be.
  16. Pick your battles; don’t be competitive or gossipy
  17. Don’t dodge or complain about challenging tasks; add them as successes when you achieve them.
  18. Make yourself indispensable. Be a sponge and learn all you can.
  19. Don’t take criticism personally; it is often meant to help you achieve more.
  20. Be diplomatic. If you have difficult news, be mindful how you present it.
  21. Be a problem-solver. Prepare potential solutions before taking a problem to the boss.
Remember from Part One, your process of knowing yourself and understanding others, which you used to build your resume, comes in handy with the above strategies. Likewise, your improved communication skills will as well. The “soft skills” you are honing as you move forward on your career path will be most noticeable and useful to you during this time. Keep in contact with MPS Technical. They will work on your behalf to place you in the best fitting position in manufacturing should you choose to move on. MPS listens to your needs. They can be your one-stop career center. Contact MPS today.