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Posted 05/12/2016

Finding the Best Fit – A Trilogy for Job Seekers  

Part I – The Best for Your Skills and Experience Have you ever felt clueless when asked about your dream job? What can you do when you are not only uncertain of what career path to take, but also of how to determine your skills? You have an interest in how things are made, for instance, but do you have what it takes to fit into the manufacturing industry? Don’t worry. You just need a little guidance, and you’ll gain confidence along the way as you whittle your questions down to a manageable size. Your goal is to build a written portrait—a resume—that not only tells others about you but also infers your expectations should they hire you. A good place to begin is with a skills assessment. A technical skills test is geared toward occupations and is particularly revealing in determining aptitude if you have an avid interest in manufacturing and engineering. A reputable staffing firm will encourage applicants to take career assessments and assist with finding a position that best matches those defined skills. In fact, connecting with a staffing firm is a plus in both the relationships and the “history” you forge. A staffing firm, such as MPS Technical, can help you find your first, next and future jobs, plus they will keep records of their interactions with you. Before you put together a resume, though, you would benefit from having more knowledge about yourself. Once you explore career possibilities and know your skill sets, perform a characteristic assessment such as StrengthsFinder or an aptitude test such as this one offered by Psychology Today. Armed with the details above, begin researching companies you might wish to work for. Once you have narrowed down that list to a handful that you think fit your talents and goals, it’s time to build your resume and cover letter. Many individuals find it quite helpful to engage a staffing firm in their job search. While a staffing firm is not necessarily your only resource to find a job, it is beneficial in many ways, like those referred to above. MPS Technical specializes in helping career individuals find positions in precision manufacturing. They can provide guidance in assessing skills as well as job placement. Contact a representative at MPS Technical. He or she will listen and answer your questions about career potential in the precision manufacturing industry. Let’s talk today.