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Posted 06/09/2017

Creating a Positive Workplace Culture

Workplace culture matters. It’s not all about the money anymore. That’s not to say competitive pay should be ignored when putting together a benefits package. Salary matters, too, it’s just not the only factor, nor is it the top consideration these days. Company culture—the sum of the company’s values, traditions, and beliefs coupled with the interactions, behaviors, and attitudes that drive the business—is a game changer for many would-be employees who understand the bigger employment picture. Employees who believe there’s more to a job than the zeros on the paycheck. Positive psychology expert and author Shawn Achor, says that “when we are positive, our brains become more engaged, creative, motivated, energetic, resilient, and productive at work.” And isn’t that exactly what you want from and for your team? You bet it is. So, what type of culture will attract and retain today’s savvy employee and how does a company go about creating this positive, creativity-inducing workplace atmosphere? For starters, today’s workers want to work smarter not harder. That might mean flexible work hours and/or a shorter work week. Maybe the option to work from home or attend meetings via video conferencing. Allowing those things that make for a better work-balance are what top the wish list. Attention to workload distribution is critical, and the decisiveness and leadership skills to make timely adjustments when necessary gets an appreciative nod from employees seeking the “smarter” way to get the job done. Another top contender is encouraging your employees to be a vital part of the team. Employees want to be engaged, to be in the know, to be on the front lines of what’s going on in the company. They look for opportunities to not only give feedback but to play an integral role in brainstorming ideas, establishing protocol, and in general, to be a mover and a shaker. Feeling like a valued member of the team will spur creativity and inspiration as well as motivate an “A” game performance. Cultivate this win-win workplace culture with these strategies:
  1. Hire the Right People
"Make sure you're hiring people who are professional, can work in a team and can contribute to a positive work environment," said Jazmin Truesdale, a serial entrepreneur and CEO of Mino Enterprises. "One bad apple can spoil the bunch." Good thing a happy work environment attracts good people because new hires can help the people who already work there do their best for the company. Inspiration and motivation are contagious in the same way toxicity, and negativity can spread through the ranks like a wildfire when a not-so-positive-diligent-go-getter joins the team.
  1. Get to Know Them
Just as the consumer bristles at being treated like a number, your staff members desire to be treated as more than “just” an employee. When you take an interest in them personally, asking about their family and hobbies as well as their background and previous work experience, a relationship begins to form. Whatever you can do to convey a genuine “Hey, you matter to me,” attitude will have a positive impact on the employee’s overall job outlook. The trust and respect that follow will further compliment a working environment that will boost productivity. The personal touch does matter.
  1. Give Back Together
These days, folks are all about causes and community and giving back. They want to be part of something that makes a difference, which challenges them to be others-minded. And when such opportunities are packaged with their job, that’s one more reason to like the place they spend 40+ hours each week. Find an organization your company can partner with to raise awareness or funds and allow flexibility within the work week for volunteering. Whether you sponsor a specific event or provide year-round support, make “giving back” a way of life within your company. A positive workplace culture is productivity’s BFF. Happy employees do a better job, provide high-quality service, stay with the company longer, and will undoubtedly be your best marketing tool. Let MPS Technical help build the perfect team from our “Deeper End of the Talent Pool” candidates. Contact our staffing specialists today for assistance in meeting all of your staffing needs.