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Posted 04/21/2014

Creating a Great First Week for a New Hire

“For new hires, the first day on the job can feel like they’re at the foot of a mountain about to take the first step up a ridiculously tall peak like Kilimanjaro or Everest,” writes Ryan Sanders on HR resource site TLNT. Isn’t that true! As managers we have experienced the nerves and anxiety of starting a new job at a new company. As we hire new employees into our operation, what steps can we take to make that first week as a ‘new hire’ easier:
  • A tour. A tour should not just include the location of the bathrooms, lockers and break room.  Take new hires around the floor and introduce to fellow employees. Encourage conversation with employees that they will work closely with, look for common interests.
  • Basic training. Spend time educating new hires about communication processes and other company-specific standard processes.  Also point out unique company operational or job processes that will impact their work.
  • On-the-job training. Hands-on training is important to make new hires feel more confident and more productive right from the start. Think through the right flow of information so as not to overwhelm.
  • Buddy up. Having a peer mentor can give new hires added confidence to ask questions and communicate concerns and successes. Mentors can also demonstrate job-specific requirements and provide “insider tips” to performing well.
In addition to these tips, communicate your company origin story, mission and recent successes. Highlight real examples of the impacts your products make. In other words, be sure to put a “face” to the company, so your new hire can connect easier and feel proud to have joined the team. [caption id="attachment_529" align="aligncenter" width="187"]New Hires Source: tlnt.com[/caption]