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Posted 09/01/2014

Create a Great Place to Work: Improve Employee Communication

When you provide a great place to work not only are employees more productive but they also stay long-term with your company, which is especially important in today’s tight market for skilled-workers. Employee communication is a key component to creating a great work environment, making it an essential retention tool. Even as communication channels have changed in recent years with a wave of new digital options, you must continue to get the “basics” of communication right. Ms. Robin Hardman of HR resource site TLNT.com reminds us of the basic rules of good employee communications:
  • Honesty. Don’t keep employees in the dark and, of course, don’t lie when problems occur. If there is a problem, communicating it can also involve employees in the solution
  • Presence. Don’t wait too long to communicate. Even if you don’t have all the facts, giving employees the information you do have and letting them know updates are coming is very important. Ms. Hardman writes, “chances are their imagination is much worse than reality”
  • Plain, direct language. Too much business-speak can cloud a communication and its main point
  • Allure. Employee communication doesn’t have to be all serious and mundane. Inject natural personality and humor where appropriate
  • Information. As you layout the facts, think about your audience: what do they want to know, what does it mean to them and what will they do with it
  • Repetition. If the message is important, communicate it often and through different channels
  • Character. Your communications should also reinforce your company’s mission, values and brand
Take a minute today and review a recent employee communication against these rules. Does it hit the mark? Could it use some improvement? Maybe survey your peers or those on the receiving end for opportunities to improve.  Are your communications doing their part to create a great place to work for your employees?   [caption id="attachment_744" align="aligncenter" width="185"]Source: tlnt.com Source: tlnt.com[/caption]