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Posted 04/06/2017

Common Management Mistakes

Part 1 - The Three “Cs” Communications. Connections. Command. A lack of attention to any one of these critical components of management will spell trouble. A deficiency in all three? Can you say failure of epic proportions? Don’t neglect these three “Cs” if you want to lay a foundation for successful management.
  • Communication
If questions such as “Oh, didn’t I tell you . . .?” or “Why wasn’t I informed?” or “How was I supposed to know that?” are common in your company, then it’s obvious that consistent, effective communication is not happening. Establishing procedures and policies that maintain open avenues of communication should top your list of priorities because when your team isn’t kept up to speed, it’s like asking them to do their job with one and a half arms tied behind their back. Consistent, clear, concise communication empowers employees to make informed decisions, to work independently and to, you know, perform their job in the way you need them to.
  • Connections
Taking an interest in what’s happening in your employees’ lives outside the workplace - with the kids, the house, their hobbies - will create a connection that strengthens the workplace relationship. Time invested in getting to know them will be time well-spent. While you will want to draw the line at becoming the family therapist, an awareness of the general happenings in your employees’ lives will make a positive impact on the working relationship. Another crucial connecting strategy is to be available to your team. It’s so easy to get totally immersed in the daily grind or an aggressive deadline or a massive project that you appear to be “not there” for your team. During especially hectic times, set aside time to check-in and assure the team of your presence and commitment to them.
  • Command
Being in management means that many tough decisions will be yours to make. No head in the sand or twiddling your thumbs when something needs attention. Proactive intervention is much more likely to yield a positive outcome than turning a blind eye, crossing your fingers, and hoping for the best. Ultimately the buck stops with you. Yes, you want, and need, to be friendly and approachable. You, and everyone else will appreciate the atmosphere that type of relationship creates. Striking a balance between being chummy and wielding your power carelessly, between micromanaging your team’s every move and letting things run amuck is vital. They’re looking for you to be in charge. Don’t disappoint them. Chew on those tips for a week and then return for Part Two. That’s where we’ll add strategies – those important “bricks,” if you will - to your management foundation. Allow MPS Technical to ease your managerial load by delivering customized, industry-specific human resource solutions to meet your staffing needs. Saving our clients both time and money is what we do. Contact our team of staffing specialists today.