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Posted 06/23/2016

Candidates and MPS Technical’s Onboarding and Training Process

  Q. What exactly is an onboarding and training process?   MPS.  Simply put, it is when you, as a new hire, receive a strategic orientation and training process designed to help you:
    • Learn about the employer’s organization, competitors, and goals
    • Acclimate to the company culture
    • Understand expectations regarding your role and performance
    • Learn about policies and procedures
    • Receive information or education about tools, safety, and resources
    • Receive appropriate classroom, video, simulation, or on-job training
    • Have an opportunity to ask questions and become more comfortable with surroundings
  Q.  Aren’t onboarding and training processes boring…more about the company than about the employee? MPS. No. Statistics show that everyone wins when firms offer bold training and onboarding such as boot-camp, gamifying, mentoring, and a pay-to-quit-if-bad-fit. Many firms treat onboarding as a celebration rather than a monotonous task. The idea is to help reduce the stress associated with your “first day.” You are expected to get the coaching you may need, have your pressing questions addressed and enhance retention of information. In fact, when you better understand how your individual goals and career path fit with the big picture of your organization, you truly will understand the impact of your job. You will know why you and your work is important. This is key to helping you feel motivated and focused. It also helps you build communication and rapport with coworkers. Q. How long does onboarding last? MPS. Naturally, it depends on the employer, but a week is a good average assessment. Expect to provide your evaluation of the onboarding process. If tweaks and changes are necessary to improve the process, an employer will want to know. Q. Suppose I register with MPS Technical? How will a staffing firm help with the onboarding and training process? MPS.  MPS Technical has more than 20 years' experience providing qualified talent to the precision manufacturing industry in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Because we are specialists in both manufacturing and our region, we know what kind of talent our clients seek. Therefore, we understand both the framework and the competencies needed to fill a position. Have more questions?  We have answers. Contact MPS today and let us help you find the best fit for your skills and experience?