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Posted 12/22/2016

Building Bridges

We’ve all been there – working a job we hate, serving on a committee with no direction or creativity, or a slew of other less-than-desirable situations. It isn’t fun, but whether the only option is adjusting your attitude or you have the freedom to say goodbye and move on; do it with grace. Be an adult and master your personal self-control button. In other words, build bridges – rather than burn them. Oh, it may bring relief to recite all the things you would like to do and say, but do it privately – with no one in the “audience.” Why? Because burning bridges comes back to haunt you – in ways you never imagined, while building them reaps a rich reward. Tips for Building Bridges When Leaving a Job
  • Give sufficient notice and finish out remaining time with diligence.
  • Thank – sincerely, of course – your boss and co-workers. Even if it’s been the pit of a job, you can find something to appreciate.
  • If it’s pertinent to your position, suggest a replacement.
  With your Competitors
  • Don’t make the mistake of defining your rival as your enemy
  • Maintain a professional relationship – the wind may change direction, and your former “rival” may end up on your team.
  • Create “friendly” competition.
  • Sell yourself – or your product – on its merits, rather than cutting down the competition.
  Concerning Clients
  • You spend a lot of time and effort wooing and keeping clients. Maintain your pleasantness when they jump ship.
  • Wish them the best and treat them cordially.
  • Give them a reason to come back.
  Social Media
  • Stop, read your words, listen to what others might hear – before you hit send, post, submit, publish – you get the picture.
  • Be real. Be relevant. But don’t share personal info with wide circles.
  • Disney had it right – “If you can’t say something nice, shh, say nothing.”
  • Remember – there isn’t a delete button on the internet.
  In every aspect of life, from escaping a bad job or relationship to simply making a positive change; build bridges. You never know when those bridges you built in the past or are working on today, will give you a way to cross a chasm in your future. If that bridge you’re working on right now involves a job change, come to MPS Technical. We specialize in matching bridge-building candidates with top precision manufacturing companies.  At MPS, we focus on you. Your goals are our goals. We listen and learn. We take the time to put the pieces together and connect you with the best position in the best company for your needs . . . and your dreams. Contact one of our convenient locations today.