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Posted 03/17/2016

3 More Surprising Reasons to Embrace Millennials – Part II

By welcoming eager, talented workers, we expand America's potential for growth and our competitive culture of invention and possibility. - Ron Conway (Brainyquote.com) Last time we discussed three reasons to embrace millennial as a resource to fill the manufacturing labor gap. Those reasons included:
  1. A Millennial has a strong work ethic with a sense of purpose.
  2. Millennials want to experience everything, and
  3. Millennials have ease with technology
Let’s take a look at three more reasons to develop this group as a workforce resource.
  1. Millennials are vibrant and enthusiastic
Though Millennials may have a shorter attention span than older workers, they are quick learners and eager for challenges. Therefore, the way to motivate them is to develop ways to inspire them to see the bigger picture and how they fit into it. They like to know they can make a difference and contribute to the overall success of the company. Because of their attention span, they work well with many but shorter tasks, especially ones that use technological tools at their disposal. Moreover, if a millennial employee shows particular skill, try to establish some way in which you can develop that skill into something valuable for the company. Also, see if there is an opportunity to progress on the company ladder through their burgeoning talents.
  1. Millennials are most productive in a flexible environment
Millennials grew up in a fast-paced world meriting their shorter attention span. This phenomenon also goes to the heart of their desire for structuring their work days and flexibility. They have learned to use their time efficiently during longer worker hours so they can schedule their off-work time as well. Flexibility to them is motivating as they seek a work/life balance. Offer them ways of scheduling their work time and they will achieve their best for you. Job satisfaction is critical to them, and if they can be flexible and develop their talent, they’ll find reasons to stay.
  1. Millennials work well with mentoring and frequent feedback
While Millennial’s push for feedback can be seen as needy, it relates to their desire to advance, especially if they have a career progression in mind. This need may seem self-focused, but this group prefers to be seen as individuals deserving of specific attention, as unique members of a team. The more personable management can be with each Millennial, the more they will thrive in their work environment. An open door policy can help. They seek advice as well as constructive criticism to keep them on track. Because Millennials were raised to speak their opinions and determine their own goals, assigning a mentor willing to tap into their inquisitiveness will foster creativity and sense of being valued. All these reasons integrate toward developing a Millennial’s talent and skill. MPS Technical has experience motivating millennial candidates toward their specific needs. We also know and understand the day-to-day operations of precision manufacturing companies. We can discuss strategies and solutions to your workforce needs. Let’s talk today. We have several locations to serve you.