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Posted 10/19/2017

5 Reason Millennials Should Seek Manufacturing Jobs

If you’re part of the Millennial demographic, it’s likely your view of the manufacturing industry was molded by your grandpa’s life-long experiences in a factory. Well, it’s time to exchange those perceptions for the reality of today’s world of manufacturing because it’s not your grandpa’s plant/factory/industry anymore. Jobs in manufacturing are no longer the dirty, dangerous, backbreaking jobs that once paid low wages. Today’s manufacturing industry has experienced sweeping changes that have modernized processes and utilized innovative technologies, making for an improved, safer working environment. A setting that is a remarkable fit for job-seeking Millennials. Here are five reasons why Millennials should consider a position in the field of manufacturing.
  1. The Vast Opportunities 
As Baby Boomers exit the workforce, they leave a huge number of job openings in every area of the manufacturing world. These positions offer stability as well as competitive salaries and benefits in a variety of fields. We all know about the engineering and STEM areas, where there’s a definite shortage of skilled candidates, but there are also positions in human resources, sales, business development, IT, marketing, finance, administration, and more. Whatever field you aspire to work in, do not discount the role you could have in the economy-sustaining world of manufacturing.
  1. Manufacturing Has Gone High-Tech
Of course, Millennials love all things tech-related. As the first generation to grow up online and earn the title “digital natives,” how could they not? But many don’t realize the extent that modern manufacturing relies on high-tech applications. Furthermore, as automation advances, that need will only increase. Bottom line: Millennials have the technological savvy, knowledge, and experience that is key to a thriving future for manufacturing.
  1. It’s a Purpose-Driven Industry
As the backbone of our economy and the fabricator of basically everything that “makes” everything else, manufacturing has to rank at the very top when it comes to being considered “purposeful” or “worthwhile” industries. Today’s manufacturing industry is committed to creating more streamlined processes, embracing the accompanying technology—passions that Millennials can get on board within a heartbeat.
  1. Exceptional Growth and Advancement Possibilities
Because of the mass exodus of workers due to retirement and the worrisome skills gap, the potential for growth and advancement in all facets of the manufacturing industry is exponential. Millennials willing and eager to strengthen their existing skill base or broaden their knowledge base with additional education will have unlimited possibilities for growth and advancement. There’s no better industry for the career-minded candidate to enter than the world of manufacturing.
  1. Better Than Competitive Wages
Money isn’t everything, but it is a consideration, of course, when seeking a new job. According to the NTMA (National Tooling & Machining Association), manufacturing-related jobs in America tend to make an average of $15,000 more per year than other job fields. That means more income for family vacations, greater means with which to support your favorite organization or charity, and faster accumulation of that nest egg for retirement. Check out this year’s Manufacturing Day℠ on October 6th. This celebration of modern manufacturing is held in various locations across the country, a number of them in Minnesota. For more than 20 years, MPS Technical has been connecting the best candidates in the workforce with the best entry level to management positions in the precision manufacturing companies in Minnesota and Wisconsin. We can help you find a quality position in the manufacturing field. Give us a call.