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Posted 07/20/2017

What Employers Want – Part II

Long gone are the days of interviews like this. “Can you do this . . . and that . . . and yes, this one other thing as well?” “Why yes, I can!” “You can? That’s great! You’re hired.” Hiring managers and business owners want and need candidates with more than just the technical know-how to get the job done. They’re looking for employees who are good communicators, well-organized, personable, and possess a host of other “soft skills.” "Hard skills vary based on the job, but soft skills are required for every job," notes Guy Berger. "That makes soft skills extremely valuable." In addition to the 3 E’s shared last week, this ABCD list of characteristics tops the “soft skills” wish list. Adaptable Whether labeled adaptability or agility, this powerful trait has never been more crucial than in today’s world of rapidly changing and evolving everything. From the pace of advancing technology to the new-and-improved practices impacting every field from manufacturing to medical science, persons who are open to new things will rise to the top. Another angle of adaptability relates to the knack for “thinking on your feet” and “going with the flow” when plan A dissolves. Those who can shift gears to Plan B, C, and D without “losing it” or throwing in the towel, are valuable indeed. The capacity to overcome obstacles and find a solution? Priceless. Bright Ponder these two excellent explanations for how this difficult-to-define term relates to a desirous employee trait. “It means that the person in question is not just intelligent but also quick-witted.  This is a person others tend to look to for leadership and s/he has an incisive ability to see to the heart of the problem at hand.  S/he may also be charming, as "bright" is a much friendlier term than "intellectual," says Joanne Friedman.  “Brightness is about being able to appreciate larger patterns and relationships that don't necessarily conform to an existing approach or definition. Bright people tend not to be so dependent on clearly-defined goals or methodology, and can take a more "free-form" approach to work, where the project parameters and characteristics emerge as the project progresses,” notes Eric Baird. Confident Not to be confused with cockiness or arrogance or snobbishness—traits that will never appear on a list of desirable “soft skills.” Rather, confidence tends to produce a friendly, pleasant- to-be-around person. Someone who is comfortable in his/her skin, as well as in their current position. Dependable Of course, everyone gets sick, vacation time is meant to be used, and FMLA addresses critical needs in people’s lives. And yes, a clear outline of employee benefits is a reasonable expectation. But questions like “When do my sick days begin?” “How soon can I schedule a vacation?” and a fascination with FMLA practices might spell trouble. Employers cannot afford to waste the company’s time on employees who can’t be counted on to be on the job every day, demands vacation time during the busy season, or abuses a flexible schedule. Who are you? What are your values? Skills? Training? Experience? What culture best fits you? At MPS Technical we’ll take the time to answer those questions and more before we connect you the placement that best suits your employment needs. Give us a call today.