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Posted 01/12/2017

Make the Most of Teamwork

2-4-6-8 Who do we appreciate? Ahh, the power of a cheering squad and a connected team. It makes the difference in school sports, and it makes the difference in the workforce. From small projects to long-term projects, precision manufacturing depends on a positive, energized team culture. Here are four basic steps for building that kind of power and boosting your bottom line. Build the right team Every time you hire, take the time to hire right.
  • Define the individual roles, including the must-have as well as the ideal skills for each role.
  • Look at specific hard skills, but don’t neglect soft skills, such as problem-solving, clear thinking, emotional intelligence, and team attitude.
  • Choose communicators – we can’t stress this one enough. The ability to share and receive pertinent information with clarity and understanding can make the difference between good enough and great results. Being able to give and accept both negative and positive feedback doesn’t hurt either.
  • Choose players who respect diversity and appreciate different working styles and methodology. Capitalize on these differences.
  Establish Ground Rules Everyone does better when they have a clear understanding of what’s expected, both in procedures and in accomplishment goals.
  • Train new employees, provide mentors, conduct regular workshops when appropriate.
  • If game plan changes are necessary, ensure that everyone receives accurate, timely information and instruction.
  • Keep a level playing field – don’t make excuses for or overlook infractions based on position, or anything else.
  Inspire Participation Be proactive. Take steps to encourage and reward productivity.
  • Explain the bigger picture.When employees know their work matters and how it makes a difference, they tend to work harder.
  • Keep an open door – encourage employee input and respond promptly to their concerns and suggestions.
  • Provide opportunities for continued learning and growth – and give positive reinforcement to those who choose to accept them.
  • Create friendly competitions as well as programs that reward initiative, personal responsibility, and excellence.
  • Foster respect between all parties.
  • Encourage and allow employees to take ownership of their roles and responsibilities.
  Reward and Appreciate Team Spirit begins at the top with management who cheers on their employees via encouragement and appreciation.
  • Offer praise and appreciation to your employees. Be real. Be sincere. Say it like you mean it.
  • Give public acknowledgment and recognition – for exemplary work and consistent, committed effort.
  • Show your appreciation in tangible ways, such as Friday lunch on the boss, an unexpected pizza break, pay bonuses, or an extra company holiday.
  The power of "team" is immeasurable. Positive team spirit increases productivity and reduces turnover. That’s a plus in any industry. At MPS Technical, we help precision manufacturers build strong, motivated teams, working the way our clients want us to, promptly addressing the specific needs of each precision manufacturer. We offer a collaborative team approach with industry specialization, quality standards, flexible model, and a proven track record - 99% retention of converted placements one-year post-hire! Need we say more? Contact us today and build a winning team.