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Posted 08/18/2016

Why Should Manufacturers Help Develop Their Staff? Part I

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” ` Theodore Roosevelt How do you treat your employees? Manufacturers recognize that finding great talent is hard and keeping it can be even harder. The answer, of course, is building a skilled, flexible, and engaged workforce. But people soon grow dissatisfied if they are ill-treated in their jobs. Worse, a sense of despair and a fog of stress permeate your firm with negativity which affects all operations and leads to a loss of revenue as high turnover and conflict become the norm. In 2012, the Gallup organization reported only 30% of employees feel engaged with their companies even though statistics show it is worth a company’s effort to develop internal resources. Do your employees know you care? Do you model the “golden rule?” How do you prevent the “big brother thumb of oppression” and foster instead a reputation of “best place to work?” One way is to develop your staff from within your organization. Does your firm have an employee development plan? Unless you continually reinvest in developing your employees, you are missing out on a lot of growth - for your firm and them. The main reason employers cite for not training or promoting from within is expense. Statistics reveal, however, that turnover is more pricey than employee development. Every time a company recruits, hires, and trains one new employee, it can cost between 70 to 200 percent of that person’s annual pay. Below are ten reasons supporting a strong business case for developing skills of current employees:
  • Better margins
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Stronger sales performance and competitive edge
  • Fewer mishaps and accidents
  • Fewer grievances and conflicts
  • Fewer errors and mistakes
  • Better morale, healthier workplace, and less turnover
  • Business growth and expansion
  • Freedom for employer to focus on other issues
Do you need guidance to develop a staff development and training plan? There are a number of resources that can assist you. However, don’t overlook the benefit of consulting with MPS Technical. We care about people, and we care about your business. When you succeed, so do we. MPS has over 20 years assisting precision manufacturers in finding the best, qualified talent for meeting their goals. We are experts in building relationships and answering questions to help firms succeed with staffing and seamless onboarding. Let’s talk today.