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Posted 08/17/2017

What Want: Part II – To be Valued Employees 

Encouraging success for your employees is enhanced when you instill a sense of value. What constitutes feeling valued? For your employees, it’s when:
  • Management notices their hard work.
  • Their extra efforts are met with sincere appreciation.
  • Their worth to the company is secure, eliminating the fear of being replaced.
  • They feel a part of the company’s “big picture.”
  All of those things make an employee feel valued which translates into a worker who enjoys coming to work and is likely to put his/her best foot forward. A sense of being valued boosts creativity, spurs productivity, and makes your employee a pleasure to be around and an overall asset to the company. Employers who strive to create a culture centered around these principles are ultimately making their jobs easier as they ensure stability and longevity for their business. These three strategies will go a long way toward boosting the important “valued” component

1. Listen to them

Nothing says “you matter to us” more than when management takes the time to listen. Listen to what, you ask? Everything. From grand ideas to day-to-day stream-lining suggestions, from concerns and complaints to problem-solving propositions. Hey, you hired him because of his “thinking outside of the box” mentality. She came equipped with outstanding organizational skills. Now take the time to hear what they have to say. Because if their born-from-expertise-and-experience recommendations fall on deaf ears, they’ll find some other company who will appreciate them.

2. Spend time with your employees

The words “thank you” show appreciation. A raise or a bonus says “we value you.” But so does spending time with an employee. Whether it’s an agenda-packed meeting consisting of important give-and-take time or an impromptu coffee break at the corner café, one-on-one time speaks volumes. A working lunch or a celebratory bite after the big project’s complete provides a time to build the relationship, which can’t help but demonstrate the level of value you place on that employee. Spread the one-on-one time with employees between upper management when the company is too big for the CEO to have time with everyone. The point is that the gift of time will demonstrate a true sense of appreciation and provide the opportunity to reiterate how much the company needs that employee.

3. Look for ways to challenge

Challenge, again? Yes, that’s right. The merits of challenging an employee are many. In this instance, think of challenging as a way of “spicing up” a job. This is especially beneficial for positions that include more “grunt work” than stimulating tasks. Hey, grunt work is necessary, and those who approach these tasks diligently and consistently deserve a chance to expand their horizons. So, look for ways to challenge those persons with an additional assignment or pull them into another position temporarily to demonstrate you know they have skills in other areas. What such a scenario says to this valued employee is, “I know you’re capable, and I trust you to do a great job." MPS Technical values the quality pool of candidates they’ve acquired over the years. That’s why we make it our priority to place these exceptional candidates in positions where their unique skill set will be appreciated. Contact us today and secure talent that will bring value to your workplace.