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Posted 08/10/2017

What Employees Want:  Part I – To be Successful

Question:  What are three things every employee wants from his/her job? Hands shoot up across the workforce, among employees and management staff alike. Arms wave from bodies bouncing on their toes. “Oh, oh, I know! I know!” The answer: To be successful, to be valued, to be treated like a human being. Knowing smiles and nodding heads as those waving arms now reach to pat themselves on the back for their correct answer. We’ll look at each of these “wants” separately, with this week’s blog covering “to be successful.” Attention to these six tips will indeed set your employees up for success.
  1. Aces in their places
Leverage the strength of quality candidates by choosing the right people for the right job. The techy who prefers machines to people should not be in charge of customer service. The “people person” who thrives on interaction with customers will not be satisfied managing the stock room. Just like the proverbial square peg that won’t fit in the round hole, a misplaced employee will struggle toward accomplishment and a sense of satisfaction, with little chance of success.
  1. Make training a priority
Give your employees the “tools” needed to do the job, specifically the instruction and preparation to be successful. A learn-as-you-go arrangement seldom achieves the desired outcome, which is an employee well-versed in and comfortable doing his/her job. The same goes for an attitude or atmosphere that sends the message that training isn’t important. A haphazard approach to training accomplishes only one thing; It does a stellar job of setting employees up to fail.
  1. Encourage independence
An environment steeped in micromanagement does not appear on any candidate’s “wish list.” If you shoot for aces in their places and train them well, there will be no need to babysit them. Step back and let them tackle the tasks and challenges on their own, knowing they have your support and that you believe in their ability to get the job done.
  1. Be boldly transparent
Another necessary “tool” is information and access to the appropriate data. Not everyone needs to know everything, but if the lid on necessary info is too tight, employees - especially new ones -  will be handicapped from the start. Hire trustworthy folks who understand the nature of proprietary work-related information. Then bestow the “tool” of information to them.
  1. Set challenging yet achievable targets
When given the choice of boredom or a challenge, almost everyone will choose to the challenge. On the other hand, no one begs to loaded with unachievable goals. Overly ambitious goals hurt morale and will inevitably push some employees toward the exit. But a challenge engages and brings out their best efforts. The key is to strike a balance between challenging and achievable. Everyone wins when employers set their employees up for success. In next week’s blog, we’ll explore Part II: To Be Valued. At MPS Technical, we know our success hinges on the winning employer/employee connections we establish. We value the trust bestowed on us by quality candidates as well as the best precision manufacturing companies in Minnesota and Wisconsin.