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Posted 07/07/2016

Using Temps to Keep Production Going

Precision manufacturers face the same issue every summer – keeping up production in spite of absent staff due to summer vacations.  No one wants to have the headache of coping with unmet product demand, so smart manufacturers have learned to reduce the risk of slowing down by using a contingent workforce. The contingent solution, of course, is not to off-shore production, but rather to seek those people in your region who can do the job short term. Looking locally for qualified contingent workers enables precision manufacturers to smoothly and seamlessly fill in those temporary vacancies and keep production humming along. In fact, the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) states the growth of temp workers in manufacturing has reached nearly 900,000 people out of a total of over 19 million, and temporary help has tripled over the last decade. Additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates temps fill somewhere around 10 percent of all jobs in production occupations in the manufacturing sector. Reasons to hire temporary workers go well beyond keeping up with production. The NBER suggests many temporary workers have at least some college resulting not only in better education but also the ability to communicate. Temporary workers may specialize in specific tasks because they have been trained for certain manufacturing positions. Besides being thoroughly screened and tested, using temporary workers can help employers lower costs as temps often remain on an agency’s payroll. Further, if the shift in demand for workers moves up or down, adjusting is easy and fast. The hiring of temporary workers seems to be exploding as contingent workers realize that temp work has its own set of advantages. In fact, for many Americans, temp work seems to have become a permanent way of life. MPS Technical can assist you with temporary workers. We have specialized in finding the best trained and best-suited candidates for the precision manufacturing industry in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Contact MPS today.