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Posted 07/09/2014

Surefire Ways to Scare Away a Candidate

You work hard to promote your company and get in front of top talent to fill key positions. Once you have secured an interview, Mr. Graham Winfrey of Inc. cautions you on the following to prevent your candidate from running out the door!
  • Turnover talk. Be clear and explain why you are hiring. If it is due to growth in your operation be sure to make that clear. You don’t want top talent to think people are leaving your company in droves. Be prepared for a candidate to ask you, “What happened to the person in this position before me?”
  • Avoid stale job ads. If your job description and posting remain the same month after month without securing candidates to interview, it is time to re-evaluate and look for ways to reposition to attract talent. Potential job seekers that see the same stale activity from you will themselves wonder why no one wants your job.
  • Don’t criticize employees. This action will set off all sorts of alarm bells in the candidate's mind and more than likely send him or her running. Speaking unkindly about current or past employees puts into question your integrity, leadership style and the overall work environment.
  • Be honest about growth opportunity. Don’t over hype if you cannot truly deliver once a candidate is on the job. Layout what your company offers for growth, training and promotion opportunities and, if able, give examples of what top performers have achieved.
Finally, be sure to inject company personality and culture into the interview. Prospective job seekers are not attracted to a company because of the day to day turning out of products. They, just like your current employees, want to be part of something larger and meaningful. For tips on building your company story, a good blog post to check out is Strengthen Your Employer Brand with a Compelling Origin Story. [caption id="attachment_570" align="alignleft" width="150"]Source: TLNT.com Source: TLNT.com[/caption]