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Posted 04/14/2014

Strengthen Your Employer Brand with a Compelling Origin Story

How did your company get started? Why? What problem was the owner or founders trying to solve or what need did they wanted to meet? Are there any unique or personal elements to the start up? These are all questions that can be answered via a company origin story. Mr. David Lee of recruiting news site Ere points to a compelling origin story as a key to strengthening your employer brand when recruiting. Mr Lee writes, “What is an Origin Story? It’s far more than a fact-filled documentary about how and when your organization got started. It’s not the workplace equivalent of the high school history classes you snoozed through because they were filled with dates and events to memorize … but no stories. Your Origin Story is a drama and a mini-documentary. It tells of the motivation behind the creation of your organization. It speaks of the difference your founders wanted to make in the world, the problem they saw and decided to solve.” A good origin story should:
  • Address potential applicant needs for meaning, purpose and their desire to make a difference through their work.
  • Address the reason why a potential applicant will feel proud to work at your company. Mr. Lee points out that this is especially important to high-potential applicants.
  • Put a human face to your organization. You want employees and candidates to see you as more than a machine or operation completing orders.  By putting a “face” to your organization it is much easier for people to connect with you.
Today, take some time to think about why your company got started - not just when and where.  Or perhaps there is a story around how  it has evolved overtime since that first day. Craft an origin story that you and others can use when speaking with potential applicants. [caption id="attachment_518" align="aligncenter" width="207"]Employer Brand Source: cunewswire.com[/caption]