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Posted 05/12/2014

Onboarding: The Importance of Employee Pride

David Lee of HR recruiting resource site ERE writes, “You can be proud to work here. That is one of THE most important messages your new employee orientation program should communicate.” Studies find that employees who have pride in their company and pride in their work are more productive and happier. Mr. Lee also confirms that high caliber employees – those you want to attract and retain – “place a high value in working for an employer of whom they can feel proud.” There are many ways you can incorporate this message into your new hire process. First and foremost, Mr. Lee recommends that you have a well-designed and well-organized onboarding program.  He writes, “They [new hires] see by the way you deliver the onboarding experience that your organization does things right” which inspires pride and respect. Next, how do you tell your “pride” story? Mr. Lee provides five “pride” story themes to help you get started:
  • What makes your product or service great
  • How has your product or service made a difference in the lives or businesses of your customers
  • What are the good things your organization does in your local community or globally
  • What examples do you have of employees performing at elite, exceptional levels and the results
  • How is your company run with integrity, respect for its people and competence.
Finally, select a team of leaders and employees ask them about the themes above. Collect their stories and get working on how you can make your new hires feel proud to be part of your company from day one. [caption id="attachment_513" align="aligncenter" width="150"]Manufacturing Floor Operation Source: industryweek.com[/caption]