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Posted 10/12/2017

Millennials in Manufacturing

Part III- Engagement and Development You’ve succeeded in bringing a number of Millennial employees on board. YAY for you. Good job. The beginning of a trend, you hope, to entice more of this techy generation to join your company’s ranks. But don’t spend too much time patting yourself on the back. It’s time to kick the next step into high gear. Next step? There’s a next step? You bet. Millennials, probably more than any generation before them, are seldom satisfied with “just a job.” They want to be engaged. Actually, in their mind, it’s almost become a requirement for long-term employment. Why? Because they want their job to provide more than a paycheck. They desire purpose and meaning from their job. They want to make a difference in the company, in the community, in the world. They are constantly seeking opportunities to grow and develop their skill set. They need that sense of “all in” that comes from being engaged. Consider how these “engagement strategies,” especially suited to those new Millennial employees, can help you retain them.
  1. Accelerated Growth Potential
"They want to be promoted at an accelerated rate (not satisfied with the traditional three to five years approach)," says Joe Redmond, who suggests that managers get their Millennials involved in projects that foster experiential learning and development.
  1. Performance Coaching
Millennials thrive in a world of open dialogue that includes regular and frequent feedback. The concept of a once-yearly review does not fit into their affinity for teamwork and their drive to be part of the “big picture.” Just like coaching sports involves play-by-play interaction, Millennials desire an ongoing conversation that mixes both praise and constructive feedback in straightforward terms.
  1. Flexibility
“One size fits all” solutions rub Millennials the wrong way. Like strict 9 to 5 office hours and set-in-stone lunch/break procedures. Their desire for flexibility doesn’t ask for all boundaries and expectations to fly out the window. But rather that some leeway be tolerated at times and in areas that will not cause long-term issues for the company. The manufacturing management that wins the engagement game are the ones that are willing to try alternate approaches and allow case-by-case considerations.
  1. Total Honesty
If the job description presented in the interview was not spot on, you might as well hold the door open for that new Millennial right now. Seriously, fudging about the job responsibilities is never wise, but stretching the truth or covering it up will simply not fly with Millennials. Beating around the bush about the company’s financial situation or the big shake-up everyone knows is coming will send Millennial employees to greener pastures faster than you can imagine. Be upfront about everything. They won’t hesitate to tell it like it is and neither should you. At MPS Technical, our numbers say it all. Our clients experience an 83% decrease in turnover due to our specialized screening process, candidate onboarding, and training ensures that you get the right hire, the first time, every time. Give our team a call today.