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Posted 10/05/2017

Millennials in Manufacturing

Part II – How to Attract Them The future of the manufacturing industry rests on attracting Millennials, and the generations that follow them, to this sector is so vital to our economy. And that will require getting to know who they are. Discovering what makes them tick and understanding the motivations and passions that drive them. But even before that, the industry must first sell itself to these generations. The folks at Red River Precision Manufacturing see it like this. “One of the first steps is changing the view of the industry to potential employees. Manufacturing still holds the reputation as being dirty or dangerous and providing little job security. Those of us in the business know that isn’t true. So, how do we appeal to millennials?” Yes, how indeed? “Many students (and workers in general) are not aware that there are high-paying and interesting jobs available in the industry,” notes Lisa Richards. “Think about: when parents encourage their children about career paths of the future, they always push them to pursue being a lawyer, doctor, or some other “prestigious” role. Changing the perception of manufacturing jobs from low-paying and intimidating to interesting and a great way to earn an excellent wage is a key factor in ensuring the next generation picks up the reins.” Let’s start with public awareness. Millennials aren’t the only folks who view manufacturing as dark, dirty, dangerous grunt work. Many people are unaware of the innovative changes sweeping through the industry. They don’t stop to think that technology has changed, equipment has evolved, and factories and processes have been modernized. Industry leaders have before them multiple avenues by which to get the attention of the younger generations. Three top ways are:
  • Attendance and presentations at job fairs
  • Participation at high school career day convocations
  • Involvement with college job placement centers
  The principal players in today’s manufacturing world can influence the future workforce toward the vast opportunities that await them. Assure these potential employees that “it’s not your grandpa’s plant/factory/industry anymore.” The high-tech environment Millennials are looking for can most definitely be found in manufacturing. The forefront of innovation that they long to immerse themselves in can also be found there. They just don’t know it. So, show them. Tell them. Demonstrate what today’s manufacturing world really is.