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Posted 06/08/2017

Employee Handbook Series  Part 2 – The HOW

 It’s really a no-brainer. An effective employee handbook benefits both sides of the employment equation. In fact, it may well be the most important document your company creates. And the number one reason for that is this:  every area of any importance has to be hammered out before it can make the pages of the handbook. Policies have to be set; procedures worked through, decisions made. A meeting of the minds has to occur to figure out the tough stuff, rather than endlessly push to the back burner the issues that, though critical to the company’s success, are sometimes just plain difficult to iron out. Once the policies and procedures are in place, it’s time to assemble them into a comprehensive resource that will, again, benefit both employer and employee. Keep these basic guidelines in mind:
  • Be concise and keep the legalese to a minimum. Where it’s necessary, by all means, use the legal jargon. But where a more conversational tone is acceptable, go with that.
  • Let the 3 P’s of the company shine through on every page: Purpose, Presence, and Personality. That means that your company handbook will not look like any other company’s document. Let this crucial piece be as original as the company is.
  While the main goal of any handbook is to outline expectations, encourage accountability, and explain policy and procedures, the result does not have to be a replacement for counting sheep. A dry, boring handbook will quickly get stuffed in a bottom drawer, only to be retrieved in the event of a catastrophe, rather than being a quick-reference tool to keep employees engaged on the job. A little ingenuity can inject the stodgy old handbook with the spirit and style of the company. Toss in a measure of humor and company personality, and you’ll boost the effectiveness of this must-have management tool. While the “do’s and don’ts” have a definite place in every employee handbook, the HR Pros at PayCor suggest the document begin with an introduction to the company that answers important questions like these:
  • “What do we do that sets us apart?”
  • “How did the company get here?”
  • “What are we passionate about?”
  • “How can I, as a new hire, become a part of this culture?”
  Now it’s time to move on to the specifics that will allow the “who” and the “passion” and the “culture” mentioned above to flourish. The detailing of policies and procedures that establish the working environment needed to maintain a high level of professionalism, one that will aid the company’s pursuit of success. In Part 3, we’ll highlight key areas and their importance to both sides of the employment equation. At MPS Technical, saving our clients both money and time investments is what we do every day. While you’re busy managing the company’s workforce, we’ll work on keeping those positions filled with top-notch employees. Contact our team of staffing specialists today.