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Posted 03/03/2016

Do You Need to Adjust Your Attitude to Be a Team Player?

Before you commit to anything, do you have an attitude of “What’s in it for me (WIIFM)? Do you look at the world almost as though “it” owes you something for existing, let alone contributing? This attitude becomes particularly difficult when you are seeking a job, as most every position in every company values team players. Dare we remind you of the cliché, “there is no ‘I’ in team? The word “team” is often used as a synonym for “teamwork.” While many operations in precision manufacturing do not operate with teams, they practice teamwork. That is, one person’s job affects the next person’s job and so on. Employees practice teamwork and the ripple effect draws on everyone’s resources to complete the task productively. Being a team-player is critical to your success as an employee, particularly since the manufacturing industry has downsized, right-sized, reorganized or reengineered so workforces can cooperate more effectively. There are few if any loners in the precision manufacturing industry, so if you have a WIIFM attitude, you need to realign before you set out on a job search. 10 Characteristics of a team-player employee
  1. Works to overcome barriers to solving problems
  2. Stays involved until objective is completed
  3. Listens and respects all points of view while being candid and open
  4. Accepts assignments willingly
  5. Understands goals
  6. Shows a shared sense of trust
  7. Participates in activities
  8. Does not subscribe to conflict or negativity
  9. Embraces diversity in the workplace
  10. Willingness to assess progress and adapt to changes or feedback
These characteristics demonstrate a positive attitude toward work. If you consider how you would like to be treated by an employer and by colleagues, it is not difficult to see why these characteristics are important to convey when searching for a job in precision manufacturing. Building a strong team of employees who understand teamwork and manifest the attitude of a team-player ensures a successful company, which in turn makes work better for all employees. So, dropping the WIIFM attitude actually has something great in it for you! Are you looking for a position in precision manufacturing? Bring your team spirit to MPS Technical. We understand the industry and know which positions are open. We specialize in making connections every day. Don’t delay!  Let’s talk now. We have a branch located near you.