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Posted 06/07/2016

8 Reasons to Think About Hiring a Veteran

Those in the precision manufacturing or industrial sector often are preoccupied with finding the right candidates to fill their skills gap. Should you consider taking a closer look at recruiting and hiring a veteran, as there are nearly one million unemployed military veterans in America (House Committee on Veteran’s Affairs)? Could you be part of the solution that assists the U.S. in reducing these unemployment levels?  These attributes make good reasons to regard veterans as candidates for manufacturing jobs:
  1. They understand teamwork and diversity, for they have learned to work side by side with all kinds of individuals, regardless of backgrounds, to get the job done.
  2. Rigorous structure, schedules, and an eye on the goal have been their daily routines. They understand pressure and do-it-right details. Moreover, they think in terms of priorities and accomplishments because they have been trained to see the big picture and attend to best performance.
  3. They have respect for authority and comprehend how the chain of command hierarchy functions: delegation, directives, and peer groups. Because they have respect for an organizational framework as well as supervisory and subordinate roles, they can also lead in any role by example. Consequently, they know policies and procedures are important and necessary to enable an organization to run efficiently.
  4. Intuition is a well-taught skill that the military teaches. Veterans have proven their ability to learn, accept new concepts, make decisions, and solve problems by relying on this skill. They have both identifiable and transferable skills to apply to real world situations. Further, they have a willingness to apply learning and broaden horizons.
  5. Fortitude, integrity, triumph over adversity, and consideration of health and safety standards are part of their mettle. They possess these characteristics along with personal maturity.
  6. Employers will find it helpful that veterans will readily tell them about a problem when discovered. They have a questioning mentality and an honest approach to work. Additionally, they have a heightened capacity for resourcefulness.
  7. They may be interested in furthering education. The government provides veterans the opportunities to pursue education with paid assistance.
  8. Finally, every employer will appreciate there are several tax incentives for employers upon hiring a veteran.
  Several different government and private groups promote hiring veterans. For the past five years, the Veterans Jobs Mission has existed as a coalition of companies, including several in the manufacturing sector, with a commitment to hire one million persons who formerly served in the U.S. military. However, you need not be a member of the “Mission” to support hiring a Veteran. These groups are supportive of hiring veterans; however, it may benefit employers more to register with a local, respected agency such as MPS Technical. MPS Technical values our military and veterans. For more than 20 years, we have specialized in finding positions for individuals in the precision manufacturing in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Contact MPS today to discuss how our talent pool of military and nonmilitary candidates can fit your employment needs.