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Posted 06/09/2014

5 Tips for Attracting Talent

The State of Manufacturing survey conducted by Enterprise Minnesota interviewed 400 Minnesota manufacturers and those executives rated the ability to attract and retain workers as their 3rd most concerning issue. The survey also found that 47% of manufacturers are looking for employees with technical skills and experience. With the local talent pool tight, what are some tips to attract the employees you desire when you find them. Scott Span of HR resource site TLNT provides tips to attract talent:
  • Provide career navigation from the start. To begin developing your plan interview current employees on what attracted them to your company, what they value and what keeps them engaged. Compile your training and development programs and opportunities and success stories. Now talk about it when speaking with prospective employees!
  • Have the right managers in place. Mr. Span reports 80% of turnover is due to the environment created by the manager. Managers play a large part in the hiring and interview process and project the first impression of the organization’s culture and operation.
  • Create a culture of trust. Trust goes a long way to retaining and attracting talent. Think of it as free PR when you have a solid, trusted reputation in the marketplace.
  • Recognize good performance. Mr. Span writes new hires can pick up on a culture where employee accomplishments are not recognized. How do you recognize your employees? What works best to motivate? Have you asked for employee feedback?
  • Hire employees for skills and for cultural fit. More than just filling for a specific job description, you are looking and trying to attract talent that will stay long-term and make a positive contribution to the organization. Cultural fit plays a big role in longevity. What is your story, how do you operate, what makes your organization tick? Understand your culture and use it as another evaluation step in the hiring process.
Note a few of these tips also apply to retaining employees and this is intentional. Keep in mind that employees who are happy, engaged and satisfied are your best ambassadors to recruiting new talent. If your company has a reputation of being a great place to work with a great culture– the task of attracting talent is that much easier. [caption id="attachment_640" align="aligncenter" width="199"]Attract Top Talent Source: TLNT.com[/caption]