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Posted 04/01/2016

Four Strategies to Keep Your Temporary Workers from Job-Hopping

Ask any employer who hires contingent or temporary workers what two problems continue to crop up and they would likely say: 1) temps leave the job for even the slightest bump in pay, and 2) temps lack a commitment not only to their job or employer but also to their work. There may be a number of reasons for this job-hopping behavior, not the least of which can be competitive firms wooing away talent, but this article will focus on potential strategies for keeping a temporary worker on the job – without increasing pay. Here are four strategies for meeting your employees’ needs and encouraging their loyalty.
  1. Encourage intrapreneurship and internal motivation
When a temporary worker feels like part of a team instead of a lone voice crying in the distance, there is immediate buy-in. If the temporary worker feels free to suggest an idea, the feeling resonates further.  No one likes to be treated as just another tool; so, engaging a temporary worker in the total job experience not only creates desirability and loyalty on the part of the worker, but it also gives the employer a better glimpse of the person’s skills, abilities, and potential.
  1. Give the temporary worker choices
Providing a selection of tasks and allowing the worker to choose provides insights into the worker’s flexibility, prioritization, and problem-solving. Having choices also relieves a tendency toward boredom, making mistakes or negativity. One way to give choices and build loyalty is to provide flexibility to accommodate work/life balance. When the occasional need arises, allowing a temporary worker to take time off for personal or family reasons, and then make it up later can reap dividends in employee loyalty.
  1. Reward curiosity, performance, and potential
Determine the underlying reasons for a temporary worker’s questions and you will likely find the person might be wishing to participate in the larger picture. If a temporary worker exhibits excellence in a task, reward him or her with a more challenging task. Allowing the individual to grow in the job not only helps create loyalty, but it also improves the quality of performance.
  1. Include temporary workers in company communications
Keep temporary employees in the communication loop, particularly if the person is a Millennial. Make sure the individual knows how his/her job fits into your company’s story and make them evangelists for you. Treat your temporary workforce as contributing career professionals rather than as “temporary labor” that fills a role and not only will they appreciate the job, perform better and be more productive; they also will be more likely to stay. These strategies presume you treat your permanent employees well, too. There’s nothing wrong with some “healthy” competition, but your permanent employees will notice how well or badly you treat your temporary labor force. Need to find qualified employees. Temporary or otherwise? Talk to MPS Technical. We specialize in providing talented employees to precision manufacturing companies. We also help you with a seamless onboarding process. MPS will listen and consider your specific needs. We are familiar with the area and understand your needs because we live here, too. Serving your company is helping a neighbor. Let’s talk today.