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Posted 12/14/2017

4 Effective Onboarding Strategies

Employee retention has to be top of mind for every business. One of the best ways to improve in this critical area begins with a focused approach to the new-hire experience. Remember, the possibility that this ideal candidate may defect and work for a competitor not only should be a genuine concern but also an incentive to make onboarding a priority. Your onboarding process must welcome, educate, connect, and assimilate new employees. It should position newbies on the team and situate them within the organizational structure and the company culture. It must provide each hire with the necessary tools and resources to get the job done. Finally, it should demonstrate clear channels for ongoing relationships with all team members. When done right, onboarding will: • Enhance both individual and group productivity. • Foster relationship building and networking. • Fully engage employees in the purpose, goals, and vision of the organization. Consider how these strategies can make the new hire’s journey successful. 1. Reach out before the start date Arthur McKey suggests— “By reaching out and keeping new hires engaged before they start, you have the opportunity to equip them with necessary info, while also building momentum and excitement as they start this new chapter of their career.” Begin a dialogue that will make those first crucial days as smooth and enjoyable as possible. 2. Make the first day memorable—in a respectable way First impressions leave lasting impressions. Let the team know it’s Tom/Mary’s first day. Have the interviewee make all the proper introductions then make arrangements for someone to show the newcomer around. Go all out to be welcoming and by all means, reiterate how glad you are to have Tom/Mary on board. 3. Extend the onboarding experience “After three days, I was flying solo. Trouble is I wasn’t ready to fly solo.” Depending on the position, it can take weeks before a new hire is prepared to go it alone. Don’t underestimate the complexities and “insider” details that go with any given job. Remember, to the new kid on the block; everything is brand new, nothing is familiar. 4. Introduce the workplace culture “Companies now realize providing clear guidance on culture and how to maximize an employee's success within it as a strategic priority,” notes the Forbes Coaches Council. Every company has unwritten rules and guidelines that can easily trip up a new hire. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Make note of these potential bumps in the road and consider creating an official document detailing these “must-knows.” MPS Technical understands the importance of employee retention and the role that onboarding plays. Our recruiting practices set the stage for successful relationships between our clients and candidates. Contact our staffing specialists today.